Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Cleanto on multiple websites?

No, one license can be used for single website only. You can send request if you are going to shift the code from one domain to another, as one license is associated with one domain (single instance).

Do I have to pay any monthly ongoing fee’s?

No, Unlike any other software, you do not need to pay monthly, Cleanto fee is just one time fee.

Is there any free trial or demo available to check the features.

Yes, we recommend you to check the demo before you buy. Here is the link of online demo Click Here

Can I hire someone form Cleanto team to get some changes.

Yes, you can send your customization request at to our support department and we will get back to you with quote.

Which language or technology is used to build Cleanto.

Cleanto is built with PHP in own custom framwork. Its easy to extend the functionality as coding scale is very good.

Can I ask to add my countries payment gateway?

Yes, We can add the payment gateway for your country on your request with a little extra amount.

How I will get support after buying Cleanto.

We have support ticket platform, after buying the product you will get purchase code that you have to use while you are raising any support ticket. you can send us your query at

Can I use it as a SaaS model, like I want other companies to invite to register.

No, Cleanto is built for a single business and their clients.